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Original Productions

Original Productions

The following are selections from Imaginology original productions. These segments represent original material developed by Imaginology and it's associates. Proper credit and copyright is maintained by each respective contributing artist.

Kickin' It With Cleatus - Animated Puppet Show Concept Pilot

Kickin' It With Cleatus, an original character concept production from Imaginology and Skeleton Puppet Theater. This pilot episode finds Cleatus in his natural, trailer habitat. Cleatus hasn't been seen since the alien abduction and Flo is still missing.

Cleatus shows you around, gets you a beer and offers you porn like any deranged neighbor might do. But Cleatus is a solid guy and wants the ladies to know that he supports their reproducering rights and is growing his mullet out of solidarity. He isn't a creep after all!

Return of the Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space

Return of Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space...now larger than life and crash landing in downtown Phoenix to destroy all stupid humans, eat brains and suck your blood! Hide your wife, hide your kids...they're coming to get you!

An original Phoenix, Arizona independent production filmed at Pirate Creative Compound. This teaser trailer first premiered @FilmBar.Phoenix and is designed to scare the money to produce a sequel to the cult fan favorite, Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space.

Celebrating 25 Years of Imaginology Imagination Technology

To celebrate Imaginology's 25 year anniversary of friends, faces, fun and imagination technology, we compiled the best clips from this last year, opening the new studio and peppered in a few surprises form our legacy.

Puppets Take Over FilmBar in Phoenix During Pandemic

TBT pandemic summer...the city is in lock down, no concerts, movies or theater has been enjoyed all year long. Now it looks like FilmBar is shutting it's doors and leaving Cleatus INSIDE! Big mistake! Cleatus grows tired and lonely quick, and starts calling characters to come crash FilmBar and watch movies. After all, puppets can't catch COVID they don't have lungs!

Ringing up Snood City, Bony Tony, Simon, Larry, Flo and more, suddenly a party arrives and takes over the place. Twinkies, shenanigans and more ensue as puppets and characters arrive in droves to watch Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space!

Feed Phoenix Community Resource Exchange - Podcast

Every Thursday, Friday and Sunday Feed Phoenix hosts Community Events. Partnering with many organizations, Feed Phoenix encourages all to join. Imaginology joined Feed Phoenix during a Community Resource exchange as they shared food, clothing, harm reduction supplies, hygiene items, comfort items, access to available housing resources.

Actively advocating for hundreds of people each week, Feed Phoenix enjoys a spirited, friendly atmosphere at their events, as they continue to bridge the divide between the Housed and Un-housed Communities in Phoenix, Arizona.

More info https://www.feedphoenix.org/

Bony Tony Returns from Bikini Lounge

Bony Tony finishes his drink while waiting for the crew to call. On leaving the bar, Bony Tony sets his hat down takes a quick leak on Grand ArtHaus and heads back to Imaginology studio with the expectation that the crew will be prepared for his arrival this time.

Special thanks to The Bikini Lounge @thebikinilounge http://thebikinilounge.com

Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space

Brock Buttman reports to you "live" as the Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space assault earth. Mankind is doomed to be consumed and our only savior may be the military, Twinkies and a little girl who is so adorable she'll have you singing in the park at midnight. Will the Ghouls conquer earth? Is this just a cheap hoax, or perhaps a government cover up to raise gas prices? More news at 6:00, now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Audience Favorite - Cincinnatti International Film Festival 2004
Best Short Film - Phoenix Fear Film Festival 2005

The Skeletones - House Band on The Afterlife With Bony Tony

The Skeletones - House Band on The Afterlife With Bony Tony

Kickin' it with Cleatus - Test Episode

A pilot test episode for a show concept hosted by Cleatus Waynewright, an American standard of living. A concept test for live animation and facial tracking technology in a real-time environment.

Coming to you live and reporting from the Pissin' Pines Trailer Park. This episode finds Rusty Wizard getting an ear full from Cleatus about treating his wife (Flo) properly. Cleatus shares his wisdom for living a good life by securing benefits at Walmart. Cleatus forgot to pay the electric bills again as the show goes dark for a moment but not to worry, Cleatus has a backup plan. Just in time to introduce the Grand Avenue original video game by Imaginology.

Kickin' it with Cleatus is part of "Puppetry with Purpose", an original program at Imaginology studio in Phoenix, AZ, designed to improve the human condition through animated puppetry, transformational art experiences and character development.

2012 Countdown with Bony Tony - Virtual Puppetry Live Machinima Webcast

First live Facebook webcast of a virtual puppetry performance(performance animation) character (originally streamed on Facebook 12-21-2011). Bony Tony hosts the official countdown to the 2012 doomsday prophecy. Featuring dead celebrities, original music and performances and other special guests.