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Live Animation

Bring your characters to life with Imaginology live animation services. Design animated characters that respond to your speech and movement to create a web series, host an event, or even spice up your next meeting. Additional animation services include 2D animation, stop motion animation, compositing, 3D animation, HTML5, puppetry, motion capture and more.

Video Production

Imaginology provides full production of, training for, or assistance with web series, live video, commercials, satellite uplinks, video editing, compositing, encoding, webcasting and more. Additional video production services include switched video inputs, custom graphics and engineered audio. Imaginology records final programs to maximize your potential to edit, archive, or leverage your projects for additional value.

Interactive Multimedia

Imaginology offers custom app coding, programming of algorithms, AI artificial intelligence, modeling and custom script development in nearly all computer languages, systems and platforms.

Imaginology designs, develops, installs and maintains interactive experiences and interfaces. Including microcontrollers, motion tracking, electrical engineering and enclosures for art and museum learning environments. In addition, virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(AR) and blended environments and applications are now available.

Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping

If you can imagine it, we can make it. Whether collaborating on a new, custom product or simply solving an existing problem, Imaginology is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and production capabilities to fabricate a custom solution for you.

We can take your project from design, to build, installation or production to market.

Offering pre-visualization, rendering, and design manipulation/modification from the beginning to save you money, develop quality products, and enhance overall value.

Fabrication and prototyping services include:

Live Streaming

GO LIVE with Imaginology live streaming video services - stream live, direct to media platforms with switched hi-definition video inputs, video playback, custom graphics, and quality, engineered audio. Additional web services provided by Imaginology include web design, email marketing, digital advertising, and analytics.